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A Biocompatible Approach to Your Well-Being

Our bio-friendly dentistry is centered on the belief that dental care should prioritize your safety and overall health. We treat patients holistically, recognizing the interconnectedness of dental and overall well-being. Our approach involves considering each individual's unique factors to determine the safest and most effective treatment.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

In alignment with current research, we are committed to mercury-free dentistry, recognizing the potential impact of amalgam fillings on your overall health. Our practice utilizes biocompatible materials, ensuring your safety and offering the option to remove existing amalgam fillings safely.

K. Boehm DDS & Associates
K. Boehm DDS & Associates

Toxin-Free Dentistry

Ever questioned the warning labels on fluoride-containing toothpaste? Just like mercury, studies reveal potential health risks associated with fluoride. From an increased risk of hip fractures and birth defects to concerns about cancer, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, and IQ reduction, the drawbacks raise a crucial question: Is preventing tooth decay with fluoride worth these risks?

Fluoride-Free Commitment

At our practice, we've made a conscious choice to avoid fluoride. Instead, we prioritize good oral health practices and proper nutrition to prevent decay without compromising overall well-being. From our youngest to adult patients, we're here to guide you toward optimal oral health without the potential toxins.

Nutrition for Vibrant Oral Health

Understanding that what we eat impacts our overall health, it's only logical that our dietary choices also influence our oral well-being. Similar to our bones, muscles, and organs, our teeth and gums require specific nutrients to thrive and stay healthy.

Calcium and vitamin D from green leafy vegetables and salmon fortify teeth and bones, while B vitamins and iron from organic grass fed beef promote growth and contribute to healthy blood. They are integral for maintaining robust gum tissue. Fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients, play a pivotal role in gum health. To enhance overall health, lean meat, fish, poultry, and beans offer iron, protein, magnesium, and zinc, which are crucial for teeth and bones. Explore our range of nutritional supplements at the office, tailored to address individual needs and optimize oral health.

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